About Me

Hi, my name is Cinthia Aguilar (@hello_cinthia) and I’m a professional travel photographer based in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, specializing in destination, real estate and drone photography.

I am originally from Ecatepec de Morelos, but for over 12 years, Puerto Vallarta has been my beloved home. Here, I cultivated friendships, developed my profession, and discovered my passion. Although my academic training lies in Graphic Design, my fascination with cameras began when I was a child, playing with and occasionally breaking my dad’s camera. I was always the one eager to capture family photos every Christmas, a passion that has persisted to this day.

Confident and dedicated, I am a photographer with experience in both professional and freelance realms. My lens captures the soul of destinations, the intricate details of architecture, and the inviting warmth of interiors, particularly in the realm of Real Estate. Furthermore, I specialize in the captivating realm of drone photography, offering unique perspectives that dream above the ordinary.

Over the years, esteemed brands such as Forbes, Huawei, Aeromexico, Viva Aerobus, and Norwegian Cruise Line have recognized and shared my work, elevating it to new heights. These achievements fuel my passion and drive me to continue learning and improving my skills every day.

In every photograph I take, I strive to convey not just images, but stories. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of a bustling market, the serene beauty of a coastal sunset, or the majestic allure of architectural wonders, each frame encapsulates a moment in time, waiting to be shared and cherished.

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